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In India, there are different kind of stock brokers operate and the offer various kind of services. But what I feel is all are not equal and one broker may not suit everyone. If you are a trader who buys and sells shares very frequently, then you need to select best trading broker in India. However, it is not the case with investor who prefers to hold shares for long duration.


Who is the Best Trading Broker In India:

Let me clarify that there is no concept like trading only broker. Any sharebroker offering trading account should also offer a demat account to hold the shares. If he does not have his own DP, then usually they tie up with another broker to provide the demat account.

If you are looking for the best trading broker in India offerring trading in segments such as equities, derivative, currency and commodities on exchanges such as NSE and BSE, you should first checkout the brokerage charges of them.

Full service brokers usually charge on percentage basis and hence are very expensive. Discount brokers charge flat commissions and offer lower brokerage trading account. I’m listing some of the discount brokers and information about their brokerage below.

#1. Zerodha


Zerodha is pioneer in discount broking in our country. They started in year 2010 and have become No.1 stock broker of the country. In my opinion, probably Zerodha is the best trading broker in India.

Zerodha Brokerage Charges:

Delivery: No Brokerage

Non – Delivery : Rs 20/ Executed trade



Upstox is mumbai based discount broker. They are the close competitor to Zerodha. Thier brokerage plans are pretty much same as that of Zerodha.

Upstox Brokerage Charges:

Delivery: No Brokerage

Non – Delivery : Rs 20/ Executed trade

#3. Trade Smart Online

Trade Smart Online is discount brokerage arm of VNS finance who have more than two decades of experience in stock broking.

Trade Smart Online Brokerage Charges:

Delivery : Rs 15/executed order

Non Delivery : Rs 15/executed order

#4. Tradejini


Tradejini is Bangalore based stock broker and they does not have any office at other locations. They offer NEST as trading platform to their customer.

Tradejini Brokerage Charges:

Delivery : Rs 20/executed order

Non Delivery : Rs 20/executed order

Final Thoughts:

When trading in the stock market, profit is your main goal. You can maximize the profitability by reducing the extra overheads such as brokerage.

The brokerage can be brought down by identifying best trading broker in India, But my suggestion is, don’t just go only by brokerage fee. See how trustworthy the broker is. You can read the review of each one before moving forward.

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